Under Pressure: Essays on Urban Housing (Routledge, 2021), edited by Hina Jamelle, senior lecturer and director of urban housing in the Department of Architecture, gathers and contextualizes recent conversations on urban housing through a design lens.

Table of diagrams of housing types

Basic information of housing types on Chongming Island

Miaomiao Hou and William W. Braham

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Positive Energy built its reputation and business on offering high performance MEP engineering services to the residential architecture market with a focus on health, comfort, and decarbonizing. And now we also offer even more accessible consulting for projects in the concept phase of design. We help architects map out passive, resilient, and active systems when the design process is fluid. Based in Austin, Texas we work locally & nationally in partnership with architects, contractors, & owners to help the AEC industry look where its going, rather than where it’s been. We are guided by building science principles and a deeply held ethos that buildings should help human beings thrive.

A podcast by Positive Energy with William Braham, Director CEBD and Miaomiao Hou, Visiting Scholar from Tongji University

The famous astronomer and educator Carl Sagan once said, “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe.” What Sagan was pointing at is the fact that for us to really do anything from scratch, we have to understand the system in which we exist.

Award for best paper

Building and Environment best paper award 2021. Selected 3 articles our of 4,500.

Since the 1990s, the population of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia has nearly tripled. Unfortunately, due to a lack of conventional housing infrastructure in the city center, many new arrivals to Ulaanbaatar live in ger (also called “yurt” in Russian, lightweight, easy-to-assemble, tent-like dwellings traditionally used by nomads living a pastoral lifestyle) as permanent, fixed-location homes.

Thermal image of a room with measurement instruments, ray tracing diagram, and color gradient maps

Dorit Aviv, Julie Gros, Hayder Alsaad, Eric Teitelbaum, Conrad Voelker, Jovan Pantelic, Forrest Meggers

diagram showing progress from chimney to liquid module encapsulated by transparent membrane

Dorit Aviv, Zherui Wang, Forrest Meggers, Aletheia Ida

In this excerpt of Strange Objects, New Solids and Massive Things: Archi-Tectonics (Actar Publishers, 2021), Winka Dubbeldam, Weitzman's Miller Professor and chair of architecture, details the creation of Inscape Wellness.

Side by side of the Midway barn when it was built and today

Full report of the 2021 Master of Science in Design with a concentration in Historic Preservation (MSD-HP) three-week summer capstone studio.

Building with sign reading City of Austin Power Plant

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Seeking to illuminate climate justice-oriented preservation work such as adaptive reuse and stewardship of Indigenous land

Bulldozer in desert next to fence

Photo courtesy of KBPS News and U.S. Border Patrol.

Study on competing policy effects on cultural landscapes of the border wall region.