This symposium was a forum for the discussion of the formation of a multifaceted American tradition of garden and landscape design that is based on the interpretation and adaptation of trends imported into the United States from the eighteenth century until today.
City Specific Interiors: Environments of Light. Focus of this semester in the London studio aimed at articulating how light literally colors our experience of space by conditioning the physical space and our material perception of it.

Student: Ryosuke Imaeda

Disjunctive Continuity studied Haute Couture to underline its innovation, new techniques in production, provocative forms of presentation and cutting edge assembly. With a keen interest in fabrication and new materials, and contribution to the developments in the design and manufacturing of garments, the building combines the latest form, materials and technologies with a keen interest in continuity with difference and material qualities to provoke a new way of thinking of continuity in architecture.
In the Spring of 2014, the Regional Plan Association (RPA) sponsored a graduate planning studio to investigate the opportunity to re-purpose an underutilized right-of-way- the Bay Ridge Line and New York Connecting Railroad-as a mixed-use passenger and freight transit route through Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.
The ruins of the Church of St. George of the Latins, Famagusta

The Walled City of Famagusta: A Framework for Urban Conservation and Regeneration
Led by: Randy Mason
Students: Michele Craren, Samantha Kuntz, Ellis Mumford, Moira Nadal, Kelly Wiles, Research Associate: Aysem Kilinc-Unlu
Funded by: The World Monuments Fund