Copies of 57 Pavillions

57 Pavilions is a 21st-century manual documenting architectural design research at PennDesign examining new potentials for part to whole assemblies where experiments in material expression, morphology, performance and culture fuse with advanced digital design processes and fabrication to produce fullscale architectural consequences.

The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

Photo Stacey Rain Strickler, Courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Trust

Francesca Russello Ammon, an assistant professor of city and regional planning and historic preservation, is helping to analyze the vast body of photographic work by legendary Los Angeles artist Ed Ruscha for theGetty Research Institute (GRI).

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Photo: Hufton + Crow

Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning Vincent Reina is accepting submissions for The New Affordability Crisis, a symposium co-organized by PennDesign and Oxford.

Map of Suzhou

Associate Professor Zhongjie Lin’s most recent project reexamines the theory of the Compact City using advanced GIS tools for quantitative research of compact urban form in China.

Concept plan map of Suzhou

Image courtesy Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee

Zhongjie Lin, associate professor of city and regional planning, is working on a new book entitled Constructing Utopias: China’s Emerging New Town Movement, that examines the reciprocal relationship between city building and social transformation in Asia’s largest economy through the lens of urbanism and utopianism.

Cluster diagram

Under the leadership of Professor William Braham, the Center for Environmental Building Design has developed building energy management plans for Penn’s Facilities and Real Estate Services.

Street view of people waiting for bus

Photo: haikus via Flickr

Assistant Professor Erick Guerra recently released a report that analyzes, maps, and develops a series of indicators to identify which parts of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area are affordable to lower-income residents, when accounting for the costs of housing and transportation.

Professor and Chair of City and Regional Planning Lisa Servon was awarded a grant by the New York Community Trust to study the intersection of financial justice and mass incarceration. Servon’s project aims to understand how the following trends intersect and affect the people who are directly involved in the criminal justice system as accused criminals, incarcerated people, or formerly incarcerated people, as well as their families and communities

Cover of pressing matters 7

A Publication of the Department of Architecture at PennDesign

Man giving presentation

For her project Matter + Energy: Composite Façades, Associate Professor of Architecture Franca Trubiano led a seminar dedicated to the development of research protocols for the design of architectural facades, based on formalizing environmental exchanges between matter and energy.

People walking along roadside

Building off of a research project for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Assistant Professor Erick Guerra is examinining land use, transportation infrastructure, and commute patterns across Mexico’s 100 largest cities.

Art installation featuring tropical plants

Photo: RCH

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts David Hartt’s multi-part installation “in the forest” continues the artist’s investigation into the relationship between ideology, architecture, and the environment by revisiting architect Moshe Safdie’s unfinished 1968 Habitat Puerto Rico project.