Architectural drawings

"Being an International student, a major part of learning for my internship was to know more about the professional working conditions in the Northern America."

Namrata Dadawala (MSHP '22) shares her summer internship experience.

Abode Structure

Photo: Caroline Dickensheets, 2018

“Identifying the vulnerabilities of sites like Wupatki is perhaps the most critical challenge currently facing all cultural and natural resource managers today. Mitigation, resilience, and adaptation in the form of renewed cultural partnerships with affiliated tribal communities will move the conservation needs front and center in this model project.”

Local governments devise incentive programs to mitigate the “stick” directed towards owners of historic houses.

white gallery space featuring student work including projections and sculptures

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cover of studio report

In the spring of 2021, our semester-long studio worked on developing an integrated transit and land use plan for Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, a mid-sized city located in the triple frontier region of South America, where Paraguay meets Brazil and Argentina. The goal of this plan was to reimagine Ciudad del Este, a sprawling, car-dependent city dedicated largely to commercial tourism, as a transit metropolis – a region that integrates transit services with the urban form.

Hanna Stark provides schematic designs, following tactical preservation principles, for Smoken’ Aces in Detroit.

"Each of my three projects allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Detroit’s efforts to encourage tactical preservation."

Hanna Stark (MSHP '21) shares her summer internship experience.

Ha Leem Ro photographs and documents the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin estate.

"I learned that preservation is not always as clear-cut of an issue as much as I like it to be - it is about being flexible, setting up priorities and realizing what can and what cannot be done."

Ha Leem Ro (MSHP '21) shares her summer internship experience.

Title slide of Julia Marchetti's presentation to the San Francisco Planning Department: "Assessing the Legacy Business Program."

"This project marshals quantitative data, documents spatial patterns, and uses these data to reflect on larger conceptual and strategic questions surrounding the Legacy Business Program."

Julia Marchetti (MCP/MSHP '21) shares her summer internship experience.

Alli Davis performs photographic survey documentation at Arlington National Cemetery.

"As part of the compliance with National Register status, the other architectural historian intern and I performed a condition assessment survey of over 130 features within ANC and its additional property, the Soldiers’ and Armen’s Home National Cemetery."

Alli Davis (MSHP '21) shares her summer internship experience.

Jennifer Boggs applies hot wax to the bronze railings at Arlington National Cemetery.

"We had the unique opportunity to work at one of the most congested portions of the cemetery without the interruption of thousands of daily visitors."

Jennifer Boggs (MSHP '21) shares her summer internship experience.