Spatial analysis map of Louisville

The Master of Urban Spatial Analytics (MUSA) program at PennDesign teaches at the intersection of data science and public policy. As part of the program, graduate students from the Department of City and Regional Planning and MUSA participated in the first annual MUSA/Smart Cities Practicum.

Group shout outside Mancos building.

Frank Matero, professor of architecture and chair of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, and Matt Neff, director of the Undergraduate Fine Arts Program and former director of PennDesign’s Common Press, are key partners in an effort to preserve and revitalize the historic Mancos Times building in Mancos, Colorado. Together, the team is establishing a center dedicated to the printer’s art, while restoring and reusing the historic building as a new facility for students and graphic artists to live and work in Mancos.

Old photograph of concert hall

In his new animated work, ‘Conservatory,’ Joshua Mosley builds on his previous stop-motion puppet animation (Jeu de Paume) and focuses on another moment in the same setting at the tennis court of the Chateau de Fontainebleau in France.

Video art pieces in gallery with student observer

David Nolan Gallery presents “Parentheses,” a group exhibition curated by faculty members David Hartt and Sharon Hayes, featuring the University of Pennsylvania’s 2018 MFA graduating class: Lauren Altman, Danièle Dennis, Junyuan Feng, Erlin Geffrard, Adrienne Hall, Jiayi Liu, Jiaqi Pan, Zoya Siddiqui, James Allister Sprang, Heryk Tomassini, Kasey Toomey, Monika Uchiyama, Eric Yue.

Multicolored art piece in gallery

Time in Dreams is Frozen
Thursday, May 11, 2017 6:00pm—Thursday, May 25, 2017 6:00pm
Icebox Project Space
1400 N American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

CGI of framework
Principal investigator: Masoud Akbarzadeh 
Research team: Mohammad Bolhassani, Ali Tabatabai Ghomi, Andrei Nejur

Assistant Professor of Architecture Masoud Akbarzadeh and Dr. Andrei Nejur developed a new plugin for the Rhinoceros3d through the Polyhedral Structures Laboratory (PSL). PolyFram is a  geometry-based, structural form-finding tool for designers and structural engineers.

Art pieces in gallery

The PennMFA 2018 Thesis Exhibition, Bild—Build was curated by Alex Klein, Dorothy and Stephen R. Weber (CHE’60) Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

City scape and sky.

Photo by CC

In June of 2018, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning Vincent Reina received a University Research Foundation grant to study the impact and effectiveness of the Los Angeles Housing Choice Voucher program, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Southern California.

Reimagining the Public Realm. Intervention proposals for low income neighborhood in Queretaro Mexico.

Over the Spring 2018 semester, students developed public realm projects to imporve low- and moderate- income neighborhoods in Queretaro, Mexico.  They began the project by analyzing the city of Querataro to identify neighborhood typologies.  During a week-long site visit, students presented initial project ideas for six key neighborhoods to their clients at teh Municipality of Queratoro's Secretary of Mobility.  Fundamentally, this studio is aimed at addressing inequality. 

Cover of Civic Infrastructure
Artwork by Andee Mazzocco, Saygrid

PennPraxis published a white paper that calls on practitioners, advocates, funders, designers, and others involved in civic asset redevelopment to think about the unfolding of projects at multiple scales (site, system and policy), over a longer timeframe, through an “ecosystem” lens highlighting the importance of partnerships.

This funded seminar and workshop organized and led by Associate Professor Franca Trubiano introduced students to the subject of masonry tectonics by investigating new design opportunities made possible by clay brick and terracotta tile materials. 

Panorama Volume 26 // Spring 2018

Welcome to the 26th edition of Panorama, PennDesign’s City and Regional Planning student journal. As a student-run publication, we strive to represent the very best work of the School of Design. This year is no exception. The work included in the 2018 edition of Panorama explore international and domestic planning