Thermal Architecture Lab

Diagram showing blockchain network connected to black cubes with sensor symbols and people silouhettes inside them

BlockPenn: Distributed Energy Monitoring and Environmental Sensing Network Using Blockchain/IoT Infrastructure

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Dorit Aviv, Co-PI

A series of ribs converge in a central oculus

The Hydroculus is a roof aperture, an oculus lined with hydrogel, for combined evaporative and radiative cooling in desert climates.

Reti Center Site View

Image credit: RETI Center

The Blue City Lab will be the first off-grid, community-based, floating climate lab in the US. The project is planned to be built in the Upper Bay of New York City in the Red Hook neighborhood.

MRT Simulation

Dr. Aviv and her team have developed a novel mean radiant temperature (MRT) simulation tool. The tool uses raytracing and human body geometry to provide high-resolution spatial analysis of MRT distribution in indoor environments .