Thermal Architecture Lab

indoor particle dynamic processes

Indoor particle dynamic processes

Nan Ma, Dorit Aviv, Hongshan Guo, William W. Braham

diagram showing progress from chimney to liquid module encapsulated by transparent membrane

Dorit Aviv, Zherui Wang, Forrest Meggers, Aletheia Ida

Thermal image of a room with measurement instruments, ray tracing diagram, and color gradient maps

Dorit Aviv, Julie Gros, Hayder Alsaad, Eric Teitelbaum, Conrad Voelker, Jovan Pantelic, Forrest Meggers

A radiant cooling pavilion with orange-painted steel frame and panelize walls in a site in Singapore

Eric Teitelbaum, Kian Wee Chen, Dorit Aviv, Kipp Bradford, Lea Ruefenacht, Denon Sheppard, Megan Teitelbaum, Forrest Meggers, Jovan Pantelic, Adam Rysanek

Hands holding a piece of a filter with plants to be inserted into a building opening

Daniel A. Barber, Ahu Aydogan, Dorit Aviv, Marta Gutman

Section diagram of Hydroculous

Dorit Aviv, Maryam Moradnejad, Aletheia Ida, Zherui Wang, Eric Teitelbaum, Forrest Meggers

Segemented human body emitting rays in all direction, representing thermal radiation

Dorit Aviv, Miaomiao Hou, Hongshan Guo, Eric Teitelbaum, Forrest Meggers.