Welcome Architecture Students

Welcome and congratulations! We are very pleased that you are considering joining us. We are certain that you will profit enormously from our rich and challenging environment, and that your training, skills, goals, and motivation to pursue graduate studies here will be a significant contribution to all.

Our Open House is now a virtual event due to COVID-19. We plan to hold some virtual events and we encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our program, curriculum, and community. Below you will find essential information that will help you to prepare to begin your program this year. Please read the information that pertains to you and follow it carefully.

Please contact us with questions at +1-215-898-5728 or arch@design.upenn.edu. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Important Dates

June 12 - August 14  Summer Design Studio Orientation for Students admitted to the 3.5 year MArch Program
June 15 - August 14  Physics and History of Architecture courses
August 3 - August 14  Digiblast
August 10 - August 21  Advanced Architectural Design Digital Workshop
August 10 - August 21  Environmental Building Design Workshop
August 17 - August 26  Introduction to 3D Programming (RAS)

Master of Architecture Students

Are you admitted into the Summer Design Studio for Non-Architecture Majors?
We are excited about your participation in the Summer Studio Program and look forward to your involvement in the creation of rich and varied work during this intense course of study. In order to allow you to succeed in the Master of Architecture program, joining your fellow students in the fall who hold four year degrees in architecture, you will be matriculating in the summer and beginning with ARCH 500-920: Summer Preparatory Design Studio. This two course unit studio is designed not only to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to allow a smooth transition into the fall semester, but also as a necessary first step in a much larger program of professional studies. Your total program length will be three and one half years or 7 semesters. Tuition for the summer studio is approximately $14,350.

In compliance with University Guidelines, all courses for the summer of 2020 will be taught exclusively online. Detailed schedules, including links and course descriptions, will be circulated to admitted students in the coming weeks.

Do you need to fill Physics and/or History of Western Architecture prerequisites?
The Department of Architecture offers a History of Architecture and a Physics course. These non-credit courses will fulfill the history and physics prerequisite conditions for matriculation in the fall. Each course runs from June 15th through August 7th for a course fee of $750.00 each. Course enrollment is by permit only.

Digital Workshops

Students enrolled in the Summer Design Studio for Non-Architecture Majors will have a 5 day intensive "Fundamentals of 3D Modeling & Digital Output" workshop built into the schedule of their studio course from August 10 to August 14. This workshop is also built into the schedule for students enrolled in both the History & Theory and Physics courses. All other Master of Architecture students will take "Digiblast: Fundamentals of 3D Modeling & Digital Output" from August 3 to August 14 for a course fee of $750. These workshops will lay the foundations for a range of computer skills that are essential for navigating the digital workflow of Weitzman School graduate studios.

3D and parametric modeling visualization and 3D post-production presentation techniques will be covered in daily hands-on tutorials and during in-class lab time with expert guidance. Topics include Rhino, VRay, and Grasshopper. Once acquired, the skills developed in Digiblast will be used in explorations in future studios at Weitzman School.

Master of Science in Design (Advanced Architectural Design) students are required to take the Advanced Architectural Design Digital Workshop. This session, which runs from August 10-21, 2020, is intended to introduce students to the digital techniques that will be used in the design studios. Tuition is $750.

Master of Science in Design (Environmental Building Design) students are required to take the Environmental Building Design Digital Workshop. This session, which also runs from August 10-21, 2020, is intended to introduce students to the digital techniques that will be used in the design studios. Tuition is $750.

Master of Science in Design (Robotics and Autonomous Systems) students are required to take Introduction to 3D Programming (RAS). This session, which runs from August 17-26, 2020, is intended to introduce students to the digital techniques that will be used in the design studios. Tuition is $750.

Summer Billing Information

Course fees for Architecture, City Planning, Historic Preservation and Landscape Architecture summer institutes will be applied to student’s accounts on the first day of the course. Students will receive an email confirmation from the Office of Student Services when the charge(s) have been applied to their account. The charges will be visible to students under “new activity” in the Penn.Pay system. The fee will be due during the next scheduled billing cycle. Student Financial Services billing schedule is available online at: http://www.sfs.upenn.edu/billing/billing-schedule.htm. Questions regarding billing for summer institute coursework should be directed to the Weitzman School Office of Student Services at: registrar@design.upenn.edu.

Registration - MArch

Credit Units Course & Section # Course Name
2 ARCH 501-201 Design Studio I
1 ARCH 511-001 History and Theory I
0 ARCH 511-201/202/203/204 History and Theory I Recitation - choose section based on preferred time        
.5 ARCH 521-101 Visual Studies I
.5 ARCH 531-401 Construction I
.5 ARCH 535-401 Structures I
0 ARCH 535-402 Structures I Lab

Waivers: Course requirement waivers can be picked up in the Architecture office (212 Meyerson). This form needs to be signed by the instructor on the first day of class, at which time you should be prepared to show the instructor the course syllabus and a transcript showing the grade you received in the course.

Registration - MSD-AAD

Students may take a maximum of five course units per semester and are required to complete a minimum of three semesters of full-time studies.

Credit Units Course # Course Name
2 ARCH 703 MSD-AAD Design Studio
1 ARCH 710 Contemporary Theory 1993-Present
1 ARCH 741 Design Innovation
1 Elective I  


Registration - MSD-EBD

Credit Units Course # Description      
1 ARCH 751 Ecology, Technology, and Design      
1 ARCH 752 EBD Research Seminar      
1 ARCH 753 Building Performance Simulation      
1 Designated Elective        
1 Designated Elective        


Registration - MSD-RAS

Credit Units Course # Description      
2 ARCH 801 Material Agencies: Robotics & Design Lab I      
0.5 ARCH 803 General Overview of Algorithmic Design and Robotic Fabrication      
0.5 ARCH 805 Intro to Micro-controllers, Sensor and Actuator Systems      
1 ARCH 807 RAS Theory      
1 Designated Elective (within Architecture + Engineering)      

Registration - MS & PhD Arch

You may find it helpful to begin reading books written by members of the Graduate Group, particularly those written by professors with whom you imagine yourself studying: Daniel Barber, William Braham, David Leatherbarrow, Masoud Akbarzadeh, Franca Trubiano, Aaron Wunsch, Sonja Dümpelmann, Sophie Hochhäusl


Credit Units Course # Course Name
1 ARCH 811 Architectural Research
1 Elective I  
1 Elective II  
1 Elective III