Women in Architecture

While recent studies have found that women comprise nearly half of architecture graduate programs in the United States, only 22% of licensed architects in the field are women and only 17% partners/principals in architecture firms. This is worrisome.







Weitzman School Women in Architecture hopes to examine this historically male dominated profession while providing networking and mentorship opportunities to all its members. We want to not only understand what drives women out of the profession, but to offer guidance and support to our peers practicing in the field. Weitzman School Women in Architecture hosted our first ever symposium on Women in Architecture in Spring of 2017, in addition to several other networking and social events. 

Our goal is to mobilize a community of designers and thinkers alike, with the purpose of increasing the incidence and visibility of women in architecture. Our hope is to bring awareness to the gender disparity that exists in the profession and empower each other by fostering growth, promoting the success of women architects, and above all, cultivating the next generation of leaders in the industry. 


Communications and Alumni Relations Chairs
Ramona Adlakha (MArch ‘18) radlakha@design.upenn.edu
Caitlin Dashiell (MArch ‘19) cdash@design.upenn.edu

Outreach Chairs
Ramune Bartuskaite (MArch ‘18) ramune@design.upenn.edu
Nicole Bronola (MArch ‘19) nbranola@design.upenn.edu

Graphics and PR Chair
Aahana Miller (MArch '18) aahanam@design.upenn.edu

Professional Development and Programming Chairs
Rose Deng  (MArch ‘18) rden@design.upenn.edu
Marta Llor (MArch ‘20) mllor@design.upenn.edu

Finance and Fundraising Chairs
Aishwarya Katta (MEBD ‘18) aishu@design.upenn.edu
Susan Kolber (MArch, LArch ‘20) kolber@design.upenn.edu

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