Graduate Architecture

Posted November 21, 2016

Power Reading: New and Recent Faculty Publications

Daniel Barber, Assistant Professor of Architecture, A House in the Sun: Modern Architecture and Solar Energy in the Cold War (Oxford University Press): An architectural historian interested in the relationship between the design fields and the emergence of global environmental culture across the 20th century, Barber looks at solar energy experiments during the Cold War, illuminating current debates around energy, architecture, and climate.

William Braham, Professor of Architecture, with Daniel Barber, and Dan Willis and Katsuhiko Muramoto, Energy Accounts: Architectural Representations of Energy (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group): Stemming from two symposia on architecture and energy as a contribution to the DOE Energy-Efficient Building HUB, Braham and co-authors answer some of the questions surrounding energy production in order to influence policy, behavior and design.

Aaron V. Wunsch, Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, with lecturer Joseph E. B. Elliott), Palazzos of Power (Princeton Architectural Press): At the turn of the twentieth century, the Philadelphia Electric Company developed of a network of massive metropolitan power stations serving the city. Elliott’s large-format photographs and Wunsch’s essays illuminate the social and political climate.