City and Regional Planning

Erick Guerra

Associate Professor

Courses taught

CPLN 501: Introduction to Planning Methods
CPLN 550: Introduction to Transportation Planning
CPLN 655: Comparative International Topics and Case Studies in Multimodal Transportation

Studios taught

Bicycle Planning for Queretaro, Mexico

Public Realm Studio

Research Interests
Transportation, land use, and travel behavior
Transportation in developing cities
Transportation and technology
Transportation and public health 

Recent Publications

Guerra, Erick, Xiaoxia Dong, and Michelle Kondo (2019). Do denser neighborhoods have safer streets? Population density and traffic safety in the Philadelphia region. (In press: Journal of Planning Education and Research)

Guerra, Erick (2019). Electric vehicles, air pollution, and the motorcycle city: A stated preference survey of consumers’ willingness to adopt electric motorcycles in Solo, Indonesia. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 68 (March): 52–64.

Reina, Vincent, Jake Wegmann, and Erick Guerra (2019). Are Location Affordability and Fair Housing on a Collision Course? Cityscape 21 (1): 125–142.

Guerra, Erick, Camilo Caudillo, Cynthia Goytia, Tatiana Peralta Quiros, and Camila Rodriguez. 2018. Residential Location, Urban Form, and Household Transportation Spending in Greater Buenos Aires. Journal of Transport Geography 72 (October): 76–85.

Guerra, Erick, Camilo Caudillo, Paavo Monkkonen, and Jorge Montejano (2018). Urban form, transit supply, and travel behavior in Mexico’s 100 largest urban areas. Transport Policy 69 (October): 98–105.  

Guerra, Erick, and Eric A. Morris (2018). Cities, automation, and the self-parking elephant in the room. Planning Theory & Practice 19 (2): 291-297.

Klein, Nicholas, Erick Guerra, and Michael Smart (2018). The Philadelphia story: Age, race, gender and changing travel trends. Transport Geography 69 (May): 19–25.

Bansal, Prateek, Ricardo Daziano, and Erick Guerra (2018). A Minorization-Maximization (MM) algorithm for semiparametric logit models: bottlenecks, extensions, and comparisons. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 115 (September): 17-40.

Kondo, Michelle C., Christopher Morrison, Erick Guerra, Elinore J. Kaufman, and Douglas J. Wiebe (2018). Where do bike lanes work best? A Bayesian spatial model of bicycle lanes and bicycle crashes. Safety Science 103 (March): 225–33.

Monkkonen, Paavo, Andre Comandon, Jorge Alberto Montejano Escamilla, and Erick Guerra (2018). Urban sprawl and the growing geographic scale of segregation in Mexico, 1990–2010. Habitat International 73 (March): 89–95.

Cervero, Robert, Erick Guerra, and Stefan Al (2017). Beyond Mobility: Planning Cities for People and Place. Washington, D.C.: Island Press.

Guerra Erick and Camilo Caudillo (2017). Movilidad y Desarrollo Sustentable, in Principios de Sustentabilidad Urbana (Ed., Jorge Montejano). Ciudad de México: Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología.

Guerra, Erick and Adam Millard-Ball (2017). Getting around a license-plate ban: Behavioral responses to Mexico City’s driving restriction. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 55, pp. 113-126.

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Dong, Xiaoxia, Matt DiScenna, and Erick Guerra (2017). Transit User Perception of Driverless Buses. Transportation, May, pp. 1–16.

Landis, John, Erick Guerra, and David Hsu (2017). Intersecting National Climate Change Policy with Local Development Trends, Travel Patterns, and Building Forms. Journal of Planning Education and Research.

Guerra, Erick (2016). Planning for Cars that Drive Themselves. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 36 (2), pp. 210–24.

Guerra, Erick (2015). Has Mexico City’s Shift to Commercially Produced Housing Increased Car Ownership and Car Use? Journal of Transport and Land Use 8 (2), pp. 171–89.

Guerra, Erick (2015). The Geography of Car Ownership in Mexico City: A Joint Model of Households’ Residential Location and Car Ownership Decisions. Journal of Transport Geography, Vol. 43 (1), pp. 171–80.

Morris, Eric and Erick Guerra (2015). Are we there yet? Trip duration and mood during travel. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 33, pp. 38–47.


Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, University of California Berkeley
Master of Urban Planning, Harvard University
B.A., University of Pennsylvania