Graduate Admissions

The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) is holding their 46th annual international conference and exposition in Chicago, IL this year.

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The Navy Yard here in Philadelphia is already a pretty neat place- it once was a military shipyard; in fact, many of the warships are still there! Now, its 1,200 acres are home to more than 165 companies which occupy a mix of the historic buildings along with new LEED® certified construction.

We had a wonderful time on Monday evening with our alumni sharing their experiences at PennDesign with prospective students. Special thanks go to Professor John Landis, who gave a thorough overview of PennDesign and our various programs and initiatives.

Are you in the Bay Area? If so, I hope you'll join us for a similar event in San Francisco tomorrow night. We're also having one in Seattle and Chicago. To see if we're coming to your area, visit our Get To Know Us webpage.

PennDesign is on the move! This fall we will be visiting different places on the East and West Coast. If you live in these areas, we hope that you will join us!

Market Scale conducted a Podcast interview with Masoud Akbarzadeh, who is the Assistant Professor of Architecture in Structures and Advanced Technologies and the director of the Polyhedral Structures Laboratory (PSL) here at PennDesign.

The energy in Meyerson Hall today is high- in a good way!  We love the hustle and bustle in the hallways and galleries during these times and we absolutely LOVE seeing student work in progress! The feature photo is of an architecture studio review in the Lower Gallery of Meyerson Hall.

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Ahhh... the leaves are falling and the smell of cider is in the's October! And you know what that means? Yes! Oktoberfest! There is so much going on in our City of Brotherly Love this month to celebrate. Here are just a few things that you can add to your calendar:

Well, I know we just posted about why we love Philly but I can't help but blog about our campus! Of course it's green and beautiful but there is ALWAYS something interesting going on! Check out this art project in front of College Hall that I saw earlier this week...

Philadelphia has a new resident- meet Gritty! Gritty is the Philadelphia Flyers' new mascot. He's weird, he's goofy, he's a little dumb...HE IS PERFECT! The Flyers felt that mascots these days are a bit too serious so they wanted a mascot that would offset the tension that hockey can sometimes instill in its fans during games. They wanted their mascot to be fun, and fun he is! Wondering where the name Gritty comes from? Apparently it is an inside joke - the word is used by fans to describe a player who isn't necessarily the most talented but still 'pushes it to the limit' with their will and extreme effort. Welcome Gritty!

Our Historic Preservation faculty are hard at work both in and out of the classroom!

Image taken from a still from the Floating Archives video on Vimeo.

Jacob Rivkin, a Lecturer in our Fine Arts Department, has been working on Floating Archives for the last year, and we are so excited to see it come to fruition!

We love hearing about what our alumni are up to, which is why we were excited to read about Arianna Armelli this morning in Penn News Today, the University newsletter.