Historic Preservation

Clockwise from top left: Aki Sasamoto, A. Eugene Kohn, Dara Friedman, Steward Pickett, Carla Diana, Charles Renfro

Beginning Wednesday, January 18, PennDesign hosts more than 50 leading architects, artists, designers, planners, preservationists, and scholars in public lectures on the built environment and visual culture.

In “Greening Cities in an Urbanizing Age: The Human Health Bases in the Nineteenth and Early Twenty-First Centuries,” Theodore Eisenman, Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, considers the resea

Update: On May 7, 2017, Professor Frank Matero and team will present thei

Spurred on by a second-year studio in the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation with Lecturer Fon Wang, three students in the program started Philly_Gem, an Instagram account to educate Philadelphia res

In exploring pastoral sites such as Laurel Hill and Woodlands cemeteries for his 2009 dissertation, Parceling the Picturesque: “Rural” Cemeteries and Urban Context in Nineteenth- Century Philadelphia,

Ernest Hexamer, “Gray’s Ferry Chemical Works, Volume 29, Plate 2777-2778, Philadelphia, PA: Ernest Hexamer, 1894. 

PennPraxis is currently working with Penn’s Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES) to understand the legacy of innovation at Pennovation Works and interpret this history on site.

Marcelo and Milton Roberto at the Edificio Marques do Herval, Rio de Janeiro, 1952; Photo courtesy Research and Documentation Center, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janiero

This winter, PennDesign faculty have been called upon by the media, cultural organizations and universities to share their expertise on topics from preservation in China to mid-century architecture in urban Brazil.

Aaron Wunsch, Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, is co-author with Lecturer Joseph Elliott of

Daniel Barber, Assistant Professor of Architecture, A House in the Sun: Modern Architecture and

Art Deco theater in Berkeley, California.

As I head back to San Francisco from Philadelphia after a week long journey home, a lengthy layover at O'Hare International Airport presented ample time for reflection on the four months since my graduation from PennDesign’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation.

Our instructor, Stefania Chlouveraki, explaining successful conservation efforts at Azoria, a nearby archaeological site, to PennDesign students Peter Hiller and Silvia Callegari.

Photo by Lucy Midelfort.

To many, Greece is the home of western civilization as it is the origin of such thinkers as Plato and Aristotle, democracy, and endlessly imitated Classical architecture.

Quito, Eduador was the first urban area inscribed in UNESCO´s World Heritage List and is the subject of an active conservation and rehabilitation effort going back more than 20 years.