October 14, 2021

Q&A: Ani Liu, Professor of Practice in Fine Arts

Ani Liu
A.I. Toys

"How does society construct gender through toys? This series is created with a machine learning model fed with real toy data marketed as 'boys' and 'girls' toys. These algorithmically generated toys reflect the gendered societal values we place on children through objects of play."

Olfactory Time Capsule for Earthly Memories

"This project consists of a sensory token for astronauts that contains the unique scent of three memories of Earth: that of a loved one, that of a home, and that of a natural resource. Speculating on a future where some of us might embark on a one-way trip into space, this project investigates the sensory modalities of memory beyond the digital."

holding back is another kind of need

"From 2016-2018 I created a series of perfumes that capture the smell of individuals who have emotional significance to me. An exploration in the use of science for emotional ends, I have successfully bottled the scent profiles of three people. In the obsessively hygienic and reason driven laboratory where I distill these smells, I often reflect on the constant negotiation between the animal with the cultured human within ourselves."

Shapes and Ladders: Battles of Bias & Bureaucracy

"A video game that shows how systemic racism and sexism can exist in the workplace. Set in the metaphor of a career ladder, players attempt to navigate through an office building rife with challenges."