Funded by the FAA, with support from the Kleinman Center, Dr. Megan Ryerson co-affiliated with the City and Regional Planning Department (School of Design) and the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering (School of Engineering and Applied Science) and Dr. Mark Hansen from UC-Berkeley are investigating changes in FAA policy regarding airline discretionary fuel loads.
Funded by the Urban Transportation Center of Penn and Carnegie-Mellon University, and the Kleinman Center, Dr. Erick Guerra from the City and Regional Planning Department (School of Design) will evaluate the extent to which electric motorcycles or e-bikes are a potential replacement for gasoline-powered motorcycles.
Partially funded by the Kleinman Center, Dr Arthur van Benthem from Wharton, Dr Sebastien Houde from Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland and Dr Kenneth Gillingham will study the economics of Mile per Gallon (MPG) claims.
Black and white photo of a bar scene.
Image courtesy of Cervin Robinson

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