Studio Berlin is an exhibition of works produced by fifteen undergraduate and graduate Fine Arts students who traveled to the namesake city as part of the 2015 Howard Silverstein and Patricia Bleznak Silverstein Photography Studio Abroad Program.  While in Berlin students engaged with a range of German artists, visited galleries and museums, and toured the city’s architectural and cultural landmarks.  The studio incorporated day trips to the nearby cities of Potsdam, Leipzig, and Dessau and included an overnight stay at the Bauhaus dormitories.

Focused on the 25 miles at the very center of the nation’s most heavily-travelled passenger railroad, the CrossRail Studio proposed a dynamic mobility vision intended to drive economic success for America’s largest urban area and the economic hub of the Northeast megaregion. NY-NJ CrossRail proposes to transform the New York metropolitan area by integrating its fragmented rail system and uncoordinated capital programs into a unified region-wide — and region-shaping — system.

Edson da Cunha Mahfuz book cover

Edson da Cunha Mahfuz. 
Viçosa: Universidade Federal de Viçosa. Belo Horizonte: AP Cultural, 1995.

PhD Dissertation title: An Investigation into the Nature of the Relationship between the Parts and the Whole in Architectural Composition.
Completed: 1983
Supervisor: Marco Frascari  

These books clarify developments in a number of periods and investigate a range of subjects related to architecture, landscape architecture, building technology, and urbanism.

Down to Earth / Terre à Terre / Van Nature

The Master of Fine Arts program of the University of Pennsylvania presents the 2015 thesis exhibition in Brussels, Belgium. The exhibition is the culmination of a six-month exchange between the graduate students and curator Agata Jastrząbek. During their residency in Brussels, the students will install selected works, and through various activities organized by the curator, immerse themselves in the local contemporary art scene and visit major Belgian historical venues.

Through a research grant from ARPA- E, the Kleinman Center will support Professor Robert Carpick and Professor of Practice Andrew Jackson, from the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department (School of Engineering and Applied Science). Carpick and Jackson will identify, investigate, and quantify engineering advances with commercial potential in the field of tribology.
Funded by the FAA, with support from the Kleinman Center, Dr. Megan Ryerson co-affiliated with the City and Regional Planning Department (School of Design) and the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering (School of Engineering and Applied Science) and Dr. Mark Hansen from UC-Berkeley are investigating changes in FAA policy regarding airline discretionary fuel loads.
Funded by the Urban Transportation Center of Penn and Carnegie-Mellon University, and the Kleinman Center, Dr. Erick Guerra from the City and Regional Planning Department (School of Design) will evaluate the extent to which electric motorcycles or e-bikes are a potential replacement for gasoline-powered motorcycles.
Partially funded by the Kleinman Center, Dr Arthur van Benthem from Wharton, Dr Sebastien Houde from Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland and Dr Kenneth Gillingham will study the economics of Mile per Gallon (MPG) claims.
Image courtesy of Cervin Robinson
Peter L. Laurence
Philadelphia: Penn Press, 2015 [forthcoming]