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Beginning with the 2021 Fall semester, the Weitzman Office of Student Services has transitioned away from a PDF Student Handbook. Instead, the information that was formerly in the Student Handbook has been re-formatted as a series of links to all relevant policies and procedures at Weitzman and at Penn. We are excited to share this new format, which complies with ADA web standards and provides ease of use for students seeking information. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Weitzman Office of Student Services, at or 110 Meyerson Hall.

Emily McCully, Director of Student Services
Dana McElroy, Registrar
Kali Meeks, Associate Director of Professional Development and Leadership
Jenilyn Reyes, Associate Registrar

Principles and People

Course, Program, and Degree Information

  • Weitzman Degree Programs
  • Dual-Degrees at Weitzman
  • Weitzman Certificate Programs
  • Weitzman Elective Course Descriptions
  • University of Pennsylvania Catalog: The University's annual publication of degree programs, certificate offerings, academic requirements, course grids, and other information.
  • Course Timetables: A full listing of all university departments' course offerings in a given term.
    This is a great resource for finding courses outside your home department. Weitzman students often take courses in other subjects, and students are encouraged to look for interdisciplinary opportunities especially in these subjects:
    • ARCH: Architecture
    • CPLN: City Planning
    • DSGN: Design
    • ENMG: Energy Management & Policy
    • FNAR: Fine Arts
    • HSPV: Historic Preservation
    • IPD: Integrated Product Development
    • LARP: Landscape Architecture
    • MUSA: Urban Spatial Analytics

University Policies and Procedures

Students, faculty and staff are referred to the current edition of The PennBook for University policies and procedures that govern all University students, not just those at Weitzman. Below are quick links to some of the University policies that are of particular relevance to Weitzman students:

Weitzman Policies and Procedures

While each Department at Weitzman may share additional information for their students about curriculum and individual program policies, the menu below replaces the compilation of school-wide policies and procedures.

Courses and Registration

Academic Performance

Student Status and Change of Status


Tuition and Finances


Operations and Planning
The Weitzman Office of Operations and Planning is charged to manage, administer, oversee, and troubleshoot the daily operations and activities of the seven campus buildings and six satellite sites that comprise the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design.

Computing Policies

Other Policies and Procedures