Historic Preservation

Architectural Conservation

Architectural Conservation encompasses the physical documentation, analysis, conditions diagnosis, testing, monitoring, treatment, and preventive maintenance of buildings, structures and sites. It is the technical means by which a wide spectrum of preservation interventions is conducted on all built heritage to address a broad range of issues from material deterioration to historical interpretation. As one specialization within the broader field of Historic Preservation, it is distinguished by the application of scientific method in the study of historic buildings and sites in accordance with a clearly defined theoretical and methodological approach. Work opportunities within this specialization include private practice such as architectural and technical consulting firms as well as public institutions such as federal and state agencies and non-governmental organizations that own or manage heritage places.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to examine, record, and analyze building fabric: materials and construction technology as well as environmental conditions, using direct and remote methods of investigation on site and in the laboratory.
  • Learn to survey and assess condition and diagnose deterioration mechanisms for a broad range of materials and sites using traditional and new digital tools.
  • Apply the skills of traditional craft with scientific treatment methods to develop integrated intervention strategies.
  • Develop written, visual and numerical skills to effectively communicate about conservation as a critical act of interpretation and a form of sustainable practice to educate other professionals and the general public.
  • Learn the basic skills of project management (e.g., strategic planning, budgeting, management) as part of a larger construction project.
  • Utilize the Center for Architectural Conservation (CAC) for practicum coursework, internship, and advance research.

Architectural Conservation Required Electives

Fall Year 1 HSPV 5550 Introduction to Architectural Conservation 1 cu
Spring Year 1 or 2* HSPV 7400 Conservation Seminar: Finishes 1 cu
Spring Year 1 or 2** HSPV 7380 Conservation Seminar: Wood 1 cu
Fall Year 2 HSPV 7390 Conservation Seminar: Masonry 1 cu
Spring Year 2 HSPV 5510 Building Pathology 1 cu

*only offered even years 
** only offered odd years