Historic Preservation

Studio drawing building sketch


Between their first and second years of study Weitzman MSHP graduate students are required to complete a summer internship with a preservation-related organization. Internship opportunities vary; students typically perform site and condition surveys, documentation, inventories, mapping, historical research, feasibility studies, material analysis and treatment, etc.

The Summer Internships are complied into booklets each year: 20212020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012.

The full list of preservation-related organization that have held MSHP internships.

Recent Student Internships

Photos and digital renderings of Buddhist sculptures in the Fengguo Temple

"This internship not only trained my research abilities to develop researches into actual or virtual exhibitions, but also improved my skills to cooperate with my partners efficiently."

Yifei Yang (MSHP '22) shares her summer internship experience.

316 W Gay Street

"If the Rustin’s childhood home is placed on the National Register, it will be great to have a successful National Register nomination on my resume for future positions."

Arden Jordan (MSHP '22) shares her summer internship experience.


Aislinn Pentecost-Farren (MSHP & MFA '22) shares her summer internship experience.

Hillary uses Leica’s laser scanner to generate a 3D point cloud data model of the General Simón Bolívar Memorial landscape.

"My internship helped me refine my skills and expand my knowledge with efficient survey methods, software, and advanced technology to achieve the highest quality of data collection and measured accuracy."

Hillary Morales Robles (MSHP & MArch '22) shares her summer internship experience.

Smiling Caitlin on site

"I learned about the development, collaboration, documentation, and submissions involved in the full completion of an on-site project."

Caitlin Livesey (MSHP '22) shares her summer internship experience.

Chinese architectural detail in need of preservation

"Emerging out of the exchanges between Eastern and Western cultures during the period of WWII, Lifen is a great example of blending Chinese national style with the characteristics of Western architecture."

Yimin Hu (MSHP '22) shares her summer internship experience.