Historic Preservation

Bill Menors Cabin, Grand Teton National Park, Photo: National Park Service

The Architectural Conservation Laboratory (ACL) at PennDesign has received funding to support the Vanishing Treasures Program, a national leader in the preservation of traditionally-built arc

David Hollenberg (center), recipient of the 2015 Wyck-Strickland Award. Photo Eileen Rojas.

The fall of 2015 saw numerous PennDesign faculty members, students and alumni honored for their work in Philadelphia and leadership in their respective fields. 

Louis Kahn, Esherick House, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, 1959 - 1961. Photo Todd Eberle, via Dezeen.

A recent video (below) by Historic Preservation lecturer Andrew Fearon brings viewers along as students take part in a joinery fabrication lab, visit one of Louis Kahn’s nin

Slate Quarry, Slatedale, PA, 2000. Photo by Joseph Elliott

Faculty member Frank Matero's current PennPraxis project examining the cement and slate industries of Pennsylvania is illustrated in his recent article for Scenario Journal.

The Mechanics Corral, where most of the conservation work took place (Photo by Mikayla Raymond)

During studio travel week in October, a group of 10 historic preservation, architecture, and anthropology students and I packed up our hiking boots, bug spray, and sunscreen to make the long trek from Philadelphia to Albuquerque as part of

Independence Mall. Photo by Angelina Jones.

The Graduate Program in Historic Preservation is Pleased to Announce its Upcoming Symposium: Urban Parks and the National Park Service of the Future

Thursday, October 29, 6:00 PM and Friday, October 30, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The gantry and beach provided an access point to North Brother Island. The smokestacks are the most visible built fabric from the Bronx shore. Photo by Andrea Haley.

Even as the Spring semester is now in full swing, work from the Fall is not forgotten. Yimei Zhang (HSPV/CPLN '16) writes about a site visit to North Brother Island for Fall HSPV Studio 701.

During the fall 2015 semester, second-year historic preservation students Joshua Bevan, Sonja Lengel, and Joseph C.

Volunteers pose for a group shot. Photo from 19th St. Baptist Church.

Victorian Philadelphia had a brief fling with a stone called serpentine. Colorful and easy to quarry, serpentine became the choice for architects and builders interested in making their polychromatic buildings all the more polychromatic.

From PlanPhilly.com: On December 1, PennPraxis and PlanPhilly will kick off Praxis Dialogues, the first in a series of public conversations about the notion of "the public good" in design practice, and how it informs and affects the design and use of spaces in the public realm.
On Sunday, November 1, the PennDesign student organization DiverseDesign hosts its tenth annual Demystifying Design Professions: Prospectives on Diversity program in conjunction with PennDesign’s November 2 Fall Open House.

From PlanPhilly.com:

A growing network of young people is challenging the perception that historic preservation is an old activist’s game.