IT Services

Lab and Class Info

****Labs and Classrooms are closed until further notice in regards to Changes to Weitzman Operations due to Coronovirus (Covid-19)****

The Weitzman School offers a host of classrooms, computer labs, and multi-function spaces for you to teach, learn, and get your work done. Due to the sheer variety of spaces, equipment, and technology, we've compiled tutorials, tips, and lists of the available spaces, software, and schedules for each Weitzman School-managed space.

Working in the Lab

The basics to working in Weitzman School computer labs

  • Always work on the D: drive
  • Logout when you are finished
  • If you need to leave a workstation for less than 15 minutes, you can lock it
  • Do not leave a workstation logged in and unattended
  • Rendering 3D environments is not allowed in the computer labs. These are public machines, it's unfair to render on these PCs as renders can take lots of time.
  • NOTE: Beginning FY 2020 – Students will be required to sign into an O365 account to use software like Word, Excel, etc. in the PC labs and on Design-managed public computers.
  • NOTE: Beginning FY 2020 – Students will be required to sign up for+log into a free Adobe Account to use software like Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, etc. in the PC labs. Read more here.

Managing your data

  • Server Space
    • When you login, you are already connected to your server space
    • Everthing in your Documents, Desktop, and home directory are part of your server space
  • Working from the Local D: Drive
    • Use for doing your work, and printing
    • Make frequent backups your data. Keep multiple copies of your data.
    • Anyone can delete data from the D: Drives.
    • Do not use for the primary copy of your data!


  • Follow our Printing Guidelines
  • Print from the D: Drive
  • Do not use JPEGs
  • Flatten
  • Resolution: 150ppi max
  • Convert to PDF


  • Scanner Drivers for the 3D scanners are installed on ADD-PCLab-18
  • GeoMagic is installed on ADD-PCLab-19

Addams 206/207 Digital Video Lab

You can view the availability of the Addams 206/207 Digital Video Lab here.

Reserving Workstations

  1. If you are in a Design building, go to the IT Checkout Server
    • If you are not in a Design building, first connect to our Remote Access service
    • Login with your Design username and password
    • Click on IT Equipment Reservations
  2. Login to the Checkout server using your Design username and password (if you just logged into the Remote Access service, you will still need to login to the Checkout server)
  3. When prompted for a location, select the Addams IT Services
  4. Select the day, start time, and duration for your reservation, then click on Add Resource at the top of the screen
  5. If any workstations are available, select one
  6. Click on Confirm

Silverstein Digital Projects Lab

The Silverstein Digital Projects Lab is an advanced studio for students working in upper level photography within the Fine Arts department, and has limited access to students. For more information please visit the Silverstein page here.

Fabrication Lab

Laser cutting and 3D printing are run by the Fabrication Lab on the 4th floor of Meyerson Hall.  Contact them for any questions or requests regarding these services. Click here for more information regarding the Weitzman School Fabrication Shop.