Graduate Architecture

The Ph.D. Program in Architecture, created in 1964, is one of the oldest in the country and is widely regarded as preeminent in the fields of theory, technology and representation. Its goal is to produce scholars engaged in the history of the architecture and associated fields, with attention to how these histories bear on the present. 

The Program is especially interested in interdisciplinary scholarship that pushes the boundaries of the discipline. Student projects often explore connections between architectural histories and theories and histories of technology and environment; of race, class, and gender; of politics, economics, and equity; many are attuned to the role of media in producing and understanding architectural ideas. While most of the required coursework for the degree takes place within the School of Design, students are encouraged to take advantage of the rich resources of the University in their elective courses, in preparing their bibliographies and in writing their dissertation. 

Requirements for the degree include twenty approved courses, the passing of two language exams, a qualifying examination, a preliminary examination, teaching experience, a dissertation and a final defense. Course work from previous Master's degrees is taken into consideration when deciding the number of courses required for the Ph.D. 

The program is administered by a Graduate Group, consisting of faculty in the Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Historic Preservation, as well as from associated departments including History of Art and History and Sociology of Science. Former Chairmen of the Graduate Group include the Program's founder and Dean of the Graduate School of Fine Arts (now School of Design), G. Holmes Perkins, who served from 1964 to 1981. Thereafter, the Chairmen include: Peter McCleary, Joseph Rykwert, Marco Frascari, Ali Malkawi, David Leatherbarrow and, currently, Daniel A. Barber

The program accepts applicants holding Master's degrees in an approved related fields, such as landscape architecture or historic preservation. Applicants for the Ph.D. program must submit a digital portfolio of their work, statement of intent, and a sample of their writing (in English) through the online application along with the standard application materials.

Graduate Group in Architecture

Dr. Daniel A. Barber
Associate Professor of Architecture
Chair, Graduate Group in Architecture

Akbarzadeh, Masoud               Architecture

Barber, Daniel                         Architecture  (Chair)                                              

Braham, William                     Architecture                                        

Brownlee, David                      History of Art

Dubbeldam, Winka                 Architecture                                    

Fierro, Annette                        Architecture                                      

Hochhäusl, Sophie                  Architecture

Holod, Renata                         History of Art

Hunt, John Dixon                    Landscape Architecture                                       

Kim, Simon                             Architecture     

Leatherbarrow, David               Architecture                                                 

Matero, Frank                          Historic Preservation                                      

Ockman, Joan                          Architecture                                              

Rahim, Ali                               Architecture                                                         

Saunders, Andrew                   Architecture 

Steiner, Fritz                            Landscape Architecture

Steinhardt, Nancy                      East Asian Studies                                      

Stuart-Smith, Robert               Architecture

Trubiano, Franca                      Architecture                                       

Weissberg, Liliane                     German

Weiss, Marion                         Architecture

Ph.D. Degree Curriculum (Total Course Units: 20)

YEAR 1  
Fall ARCH 811 Architectural Research 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
Spring ARCH 812 Field Research 1
ARCH 813 Qualifying Research 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
YEAR 2  
Fall ARCH 851 Field Bibliography 1
ARCH 852 Dissertation Proposal 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
Spring   Elective 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
YEAR 3  
Fall   Elective 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
  Elective 1
YEAR 4  
Fall ARCH 995 Dissertation --
  Total Course Units: 20

The number of electives a student takes, and therefore the number of years of coursework the Program involves, depends on the number of transfer credits the student is granted.