Historic Preservation

Black and white picture of an old Theater in Detroit, MI

Studios & Courses

The MSHP and MSD-HP degrees offered by the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation incorporate a mix of core and elective courses and studios.

In the first year, courses like Documentation, Research, and Recording I/II, Theories of Historic Preservation, and Digital Media provide a foundation of intellectual training and practical skills. The core education continues in the second year in Preservation Studio, a practical course which brings to bear the wide range of skills and ideas at play in the field of historic preservation, and culminates in the Thesis. The MSD-HP culminates in HSPV 7070 Post Professional Studio.

Elective studios and courses also allow students to personalize their curricula. You can browse current and previous years' course descriptions to get a sense of what we offer. 


Studio Reports

postcard advertising the exhibition featuring modern architecture

In the Spring 2022 Semester, 14 graduate students in historic preservation and architecture at the Weitzman School of...

Side by side of the Midway barn when it was built and today

Full report of the 2021 Master of Science in Design with a concentration in Historic Preservation (MSD-HP) three-week...

Aerial view of a city on the waterfront

Full report for the Spring 2020 course, Urban Regeneration in the Americas: The Conservation and Development of Urban...

The Arts Building by George Nakashima

Photo credit, John Hinchman, The Center for Architectural Conservation.

Full report of the 2019 Master of Science in Design with a concentration in Historic Preservation (MSD-HP) three-week...

Black and white photo of a street corner in midcentury Detroit

The Alger Theater. Source: Friends of the Alger Theater

Full report for the Fall 2019 course HSPV 701 Preservation Studio.

Students working on historic preservation project.

Professor Pamela Hawkes and students Caroline Dickensheets and Elizabeth Trumbell examine the framing below the floor in the First Library.

Full report for the summer 2017-2018 praxis course Site Management, Interpretation and Conservation