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Printing & Scanning

All Printing and Plotting Services have been suspended until further notice. Please stay stafe and follow The City of Philadelphia "Safer at Home" restrictions. 


Getting Starting With Printing

  • You MUST be connected to the Weitzman School network via an ETHERNET cable to print. Remote Access will not work.
  • With an active Weitzman account you are given access to the Public Laser Printers in any of our Design buildings.
  • To access Plotters (Large format Printers) in Design, you will need to review the material located in our PRNT 101 course on CANVAS. (Authenticate with PennKey credentials)
  • You must take and pass the Printing and Plotting Quiz to be granted access to these Large format printers. (Email IT after you have passed the quiz. Restrictions will be removed before noon the next business day.)

Fall 2020 Print Policy

Plotting (large format printing)

  • All plotting will be contactless. Add your name or a designation to your file so that you may easily locate your print in the Plot pick up area. 
  • Print & Plot submission will still follow the same process where users will be connecting to our printers via Vulcan and sending jobs directly. Please review the plotting quiz and our connecting to printers and plotters section for more details. 
  • Physical access to plotters will be restricted to IT Staff only. Sending jobs to the plotters is still the responsibiity of the user. Follow the same steps covered in our plotting Tutorial.
  • We reccomend all plotting jobs be submitted at least 72 business hours before the plot is needed. We ask 72 hours so that there is enough time to account for errors or adjustments you may need to make for your final. The plotting room will be staffed on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-2pm which means IT Staff will actively be moving prints during the scheduled 10am-2pm shifts. It will be helpful for all faculty and students to be aware of this and plan your pin-ups to coincide with the days IT Staff is available to assist with plotting. 
  • All prints will be collected by IT Staff and deposited at a designated pick-up location in Meyerson (tables located at the rear HelpDesk door 320). A schedule will be posted on our website, for Meyerson Hall pick up times which will be Monday and Wednesday from 10AM - 2PM.
  • You must take and pass the Plotting Quiz before access will be granted to plot.
  • To avoid print job errors, make sure you refer to our plotting guides and prepare your file carefully. We cannot guarantee that your file will go through successfully – sometimes files over 500MB cause errors, as well as any unrasterized, or work that has not been flattened properly. Do not send jpegs as these also tend to crash the large format plotters.
  • If needed, we can schedule a remote support appointment to help you with preparing your print file.
  • *Requests for Addams Hall Epson plotting must be submitted directly to Micah Danges (

Printing (small format – 8.5x11 and 11x17)

  • There will be fewer laser printers available for use. You will send print jobs to the laser printers and pick up your prints. Supplies (ink, paper) will be checked and replaced on a scheduled basis by IT Staff.
  • Users are expected to adhere to building and community guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks when they pick up prints. If there are too many people standing by the printer, please come back later to pick up your print.
  • Laser printers are also available in Van Pelt Library.


The Weitzman School offers a multitude of printers, media, and printing options for all our faculty, staff, and students. Due to the sheer number of printers and options we provide, we strongly recommend reading our instructions and tips below, as well as to familiarize yourself with properly connecting to printers and properly formatting your work. For more help, make sure to contact us via

Printer/Plotter List, Pricing, and More

All Weitzman users are automatically billed to their printing account when printing to any of our networked printers. As Weitzman ITS offers a number of different printing options, each with different media and sizes, we've prepped a list of all the printers, options, sizes, prices, billing codes, and how printing charges work. Read more here.

Connecting to Printers & Plotters

Weitzman IT Services offers fewer printers, printing media, and printing options than it has in previous semesters due to restrictions. Please reference this list for what is available. Read more here.

Printing Best Practices & Workflow

For detailed instructions on best practices in printing and plotting, please see below our various workflow documents:

*Following our new contactless printing model, plot pick up will be restricted to designated timesand locations. Please contact if you have any questions. 

Meyerson Hall Printing Instructions

Addams Hall Printing Instructions

Scanning in Meyerson Hall

3rd Floor Hallway near 319 HelpDesk  - Scanning Station (Scan to USB feature available at this time)

MEYS-T3500 Large format feed scanner, scan up to 36 inch. You may not scan paper thicker than 360 GSM or lighter than 60 GSM, this will jam the rollers. Secure this media to a firmer backing. Do not scan work with paint, ink, or charcoal until dry or set. Materials not supported for scanning are Translucent paper less than 65 gsm, film, and cling mat. Please contact if you have any questions on how to use this scanner. 

3rd Floor Hallway near restrooms – Scanning Station

MEY3-HP-E77650 3rd Floor Meyerson Near Restrooms, Multi-function Copy/Scanner and Printer. Please log in to the front panel with your design credentials to access scan and copy feature.


321 Computer Lab - Scanning Stations

Epson D 50000 Scanner is an A3 (11 ¾ x16 ½ inches) Document Scanner designed to accommodate documents individually, and is ideal for users with individual capture needs, such as scanning bound materials and thick or fragile documents.



Epson V550 & V600 Perfection Flatbed 8.5x11.7 inch, Photo Scanner. This smaller scanner works perfect for smaller documents as well as scanning transparency and film. 35 MM transparency and Medium Format holder available upon request.