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PennPraxis supports design action and thought leadership to advance inclusion, innovation, and impact in communities that design doesn't typically serve. Praxis does projects that demonstrate the power of interdisciplinary design, art, planning, and heritage preservation to respond to the major challenges of the built and natural environments, and the communities that inhabit them. Our projects strengthen the University of Pennsylvania's Weitzman School of Design as a school focused on high social impact design. We create opportunities "beyond the market" to help our students develop agency in the world, and we cultivate diversity among the next generation of leaders.

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Latest News & Events

Bird's eye view of people seated at six round tables in discussion

Following a successful fundraising campaign, this summer, over 80 students and 30 faculty members representing almost every Weitzman program—including architecture, environmental building design, landscape architecture, city planning, urban spatial analytics, fine arts, preservation, and Integrated Product Design—and several labs are working on projects that are led by PennPraxis or led by faculty and supported by PennPraxis.

Young man standing acoss a table from a professional woman

As students and recent alums are confronted by uncertainties in the job market due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Weitzman School has expanded its professional development and career services initiatives, while taking them online. “It is critical, to me, that people stay engaged. There is so much that needs to be done, and this brain trust cannot be lost,” says Lucinda Sanders, the CEO of OLIN and an adjunct professor of landscape architecture.