PennPraxis conducted a survey-based evaluation process for the Infill Philadelphia: Sacred Places / Civic Spaces project, a partnership between the Community Design Collaborative and Partners for Sacred Places, with North 4th LLC as project managers.

The Historic Sacred Places Project created the first comprehensive, field-checked inventory of Philadelphia’s 842 purpose-built historic sacred places. PennPraxis’ field survey findings were published in The Pew Charitable Trusts’ 2017 report, Philadelphia Historic Sacred Places: Their Past, Present, and Future.

The project surveyed the 108-acre Great Falls of the Passaic/Society of Useful Manufactures National Historic Landmark District for the National Park Service for the first time since the district was updated in 1986.

The South End Neighborhood Study (SENS) centered on a deep engagement process with residents and stakeholders to analyze the opportunities for growth, development, and heritage preservation in Stamford’s South End.

HUNTS POINT LIFELINES builds on assets and opportunities of regional importance, and a coalition of national leaders in community environmental action, business and labor, to create a flood protection park for a working waterfront that is a model of social, economic, and physical resilience in the poorest U.S. Congressional District.

PennPraxis has worked with several clients and communities in the Lehigh Valley on a series of design projects, including the design of parks and civic streetscapes in the South Whitehall area of Allentown, and collaboration with 11 towns to imagine new futures for slate quarries as heritage parks and other placemaking and economic development projects.

In collaboration with PORT Urbanism, Ellen Neises developed an approach to the Highlands that works across many scales, from a broad communications campaign to increase understanding of rural areas and regional nature; to large-scale, multi-purpose infrastructure corridors and strategies.

In 2018, PennPraxis partnered with The Creative Footprint Project (CFP), a measurement and engagement project created by Mirik Milan, the former Night Mayor of Amsterdam, and Lutz Leichsenring of the Berlin Clubcommission.

PennPraxis is at the international forefront of the emerging field of nightlife arts and culture planning.

A PennPraxis team is developing a conservation management plan for the Miller House and Garden, an internationally renowned mid-century Modernist landmark in Columbus, Indiana. The house itself was designed by architect Eero Saarinen, with interiors designed by Alexander Girard.

PennPraxis’ spatial analytics team developed software for documenting site usage and mapping spatial data for a variety of sites and questions.

PennPraxis is working with the Borough of Glassboro, New Jersey on a Growth Management Plan, to direct the borough in working strategically with Rowan University and other landowners.