Graduate Architecture

Architectural courses were first offered by the University of Pennsylvania in 1868, making the school the second oldest architectural program in the United States.
Thermal Architecture Lab Tackles Public Health and Environmental Crises
Weitzman Students Chosen for "Metropolis Future 100"
Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters is an annual publication from the Department of Architecture with work featured from studios offered during each academic year.

Asset Architecture

The Department of Architecture publication Asset Architecture brings together studio work by recent graduates of the MSD-Advanced Architectural Design program and essays by leading architects on contemporary urbanism that mean to change the way we look at, and experience, cities.

57 Pavilions

Edited by Andrew Saunders
57 Pavilions is a 21st-century manual documenting architectural design research at in the 500-level studios at PennDesign.

Book cover for Women [Re]Build: Stories, Polemics, Futures
Women [Re]Build: Stories, Polemics, Futures

Edited by Franca Trubiano, Ramona Adlakha, Ramune Bartuskaite
Sections include reflections on the renewal of feminist thought in architecture (Framing Stories), challenges to practice made possible by activism (Shaping Polemics), and portrayals of inspiring practitioners who pave the way for future women architects (Building Futures).


Babble is the latest graduate student publication and features projects and essays paired with a series of impromptu “babbles” with critics, faculty, and practitioners.