IT Services

Catalog of Services

Weitzman School and the University of Pennsylvania offer a multitude of services both on our network, the UPenn network, and on third party software or services. Consider this a list of the offered services to all Weitzman School users.

Network Access


AirPennNet is the University’s WiFi network for members of the Penn community. For detailed instructions on how to get connected to AirPennNet. Read more here.

Juno and Jove File Server Access

For detailed instructions on how to get connected to Weitzman School network resources on Juno (student file server) and Jove (faculty and staff file server). Read more here.

Vulcan Printer Server

We maintain a Windows-based printing server for all of our networked printers. For a rundown on the pricing, installation process, and more with our printing server, read more here.

FortiClient Remote Access

We use FortiClient's remote access software to set up a remote network connection for access to June, our student file server. Read more here.

General Software and Web Services


Your PennO365 account entitles you to download a copy of Microsoft Office while you are a student at Weitzman School, as well as 1 TB of data storage on OneDrive for Business, Microsoft’s cloud data storage and collaboration solution. Read more hereNOTE: Beginning FY 2020 – Students will be required to sign into an O365 account to use software like Word, Excel, etc. in the PC labs.

Autodesk Products

Autodesk products like AutoCAD are free to University of Pennsylvania students. To obtain a license, you must setup a new Autodesk account over on their website.


Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and so on are not provided by the University of Pennsylvania. Discounted educational licenses are available over on their website. Graduate Students are eligible for a free Adobe account, upon request. Read more here.


Rhinoceros is a 3-D free-form modeler you can use to create anything from a heart valve to a ship hull and from a mouse to a monster. Discounted educational licenses are available via the UPenn Computer Connection.


ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. It is used for creating and using maps, compiling geographic data, analyzing mapped information, sharing and discovering geographic information, using maps and geographic information in a range of applications, and managing geographic information in a database. We offer free student licenses - please contact us for a student license.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

LinkedIn Learning is an online training library that provides access to tutorials covering a wide selection of topics from beginner to advanced instruction. They offer tutorials on many of the software applications that you are expected to master during your time at Weitzman School. We hope you will use LinkedIn Learning often. The best part about online tutorials is you can start and finish at your pace, go back and review as often as you need, and do all of this from the comfort of your couch or favorite coffee shop. Below is just a short list of the various tutorials to help you improve and enhance your skills. Read more here.


Qualtrics is an online service for creating and distributing surveys. Weitzman School has a site license for Qualtrics, meaning all Design faculty, students and staff are eligible to use Qualtrics. You can access the UPenn Qualtrics portal via this link. Please bear in mind you'll need to log in with your PennKey username and password. You can also share ownership of surveys you've created if another user has logged into Qualtrics - read more about sharing your surveys here.


Penn+Box is a collaboration between UPenn and, which provides cloud storage and sharing capabilities.  Each full time student is given unlimited storage to use and share.  Aside from collaborative work, and easily accessible storage, this is a great tool for backing up important files. Read more here.

FortiClient Remote Access

The Remote Access page will detail how you can get access to any Weitzman School server directories you would typically have access to while off campus.  You can view, upload to, and download from, your personal space and Course folders on Juno, as well as the Public folder.  For more information on Juno, see the Network section above. Read more here.


The school provides access to BlueJeans, a web-based, virtual meeting service.  BlueJeans is great for hosting meetings with groups of collaborators, sharing content, hosting quick webchats, or even showing work on-site to those back on campus.  BlueJeans can be used in any web browser, as well as through the BlueJeans mobile app on iOS and Android.  Users can also attend meetings by calling in via telephone.  BlueJeans can be accessed by all students through the use of your PennKey. Click here for access to UPenn's BlueJeans portal. Read more here.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers many impressive and valuable video conferencing features. Up to 250 users can host 1080p, which includes the ability to share screens and record calls. Users can also meet or collaborate on-the-go using Microsoft Teams apps for smartphones and tablets. Read more here.

Security Software


LastPass offers a secure vault for storage of your passwords, and other secure information, allowing users to create stronger, and more varied passwords for their various accounts, ultimately leading to a more secure environment. Read more here.

Secure Share - Faculty and Staff Only

Secure Share is a web-based application for secure file exchange available to Penn faculty, staff, and students. Though there should be a limited need to exchange sensitive or confidential information electronically, when members of the Penn community are required to do so, Secure Share provides an easy-to-use mechanism that ensures the safety and privacy of University data. 


Two-Step Verification provides an added layer of protection when accessing PennKey-protected web sites and applications. With Two-Step, after logging in with your PennKey and password you’ll be prompted to verify your identity—the second step—using a device in your possession, such as a mobile phone or key fob. Read more here.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

The University supplies all students with a licensed copy of Symantec Endpoint Protection for both Windows and Mac OS X.  Symantec is an anti-virus and anti-malware program, which runs passively on your computer, to keep your machine uninfected, and remove any sort of virus or malware that is found on your machine.  It is highly recommended that every student take advantage of this software. Read more here.

Security Training

Training and Awareness is an integral function of ISC Office of Information Security at Penn. In collaboration with Schools and Centers, the Training and Awareness program provides the community with an understanding of how to protect the University's computing assets and confidential information from unauthorized access. Read moire here.


***Courseware solutions supported by Weitzman School***
During the academic year, if you would like to use a Weitzman School sponsored storage service for your class you have 3 options:

  • Canvas is where online learning at Penn happens. It’s a place for instructors to post readings, host class discussions, collect assignments, manage grades, and extend learning beyond the physical classroom. (NOTE: All Canvas sites are created upon request by faculty teaching courses at the University of Pennsylvania or by their TAs or support staff. It is recommended that Canvas sites be requested two months before the start of the semester, but sites can be requested at any time near the start of the semester or during the semester. The request process differs depending on your home school and course role) Read more here.
  • Juno Course Folders are the networked share folders set up for all Weitzman School faculty and students to share and collaborate with files. Read more here.
  • Penn+Box is a collaboration between UPenn and, which provides cloud storage and sharing capabilities. Each full time student is given unlimited storage to use and share.  Aside from collaborative work, and easily accessible storage, this is a great tool for backing up important files. Click here for more information for PennBox. NOTE: All other storage solutions not sponsored by PENN (Google, AirDrop, etc…) are not officially supported by Weitzman School. Read more here.

University Systems

Student Record System (SRS) - STAFF ONLY

The Student Record System, known as SRS, is the data mainframe used by faculty and staff to manage academic records and courses. This system is accessed with the Host Explorer software, which faculty and staff must get installed with assistance from IT Services. Host Explorer is only supported for Windows 10 devices, and is not supported with Mac OSX.

Business Enterprise Network (BEN) Financials - STAFF ONLY

BEN is your gateway to Penn's web-based financial systems and related information and services. Access to the systems is limited to authorized University staff and faculty. BEN is a legacy system that only functions currently in Internet Explorer as it requires Java (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome have removed support for Java).

Web Chat and Video Conferencing Solutions

The Weitzman School of Design offers several solutions, each with its own pros and cons, for web chat and video conferencing needs. These can be used for instances varying from a one-on-one webchat, to hosting a class online, to collaborating on group projects without having to meet in person. Read more here.

Reserving Hardware

  • All requests for equipment reservations must be submitted through Please email with the needed equipment, where you plan to use it, and the duration of usage. We will arrange pick-up and drop-off times with you via email.
  • Available equipment
    • Laptops (for presenting only), 4
    • Projectors, 6
    • Projector carts (comes with projector, laptop, speakers), 2
    • TV carts, 2
  • Only the equipment listed above will be available for checkout. This equipment may only be used in Weitzman buildings. Note that high-touch accessories have been removed from circulation.
  • There will be a designated area outside the Help Desk (319 Meyerson) for equipment pick-up and drop-off.
  • IT Staff will do our best to stagger equipment pick-up times to limit the number of people coming to the Help Desk at a certain time.

Please check our website ( for detailed information on paper types available for plotting and locations of available laser printers.

A/V Support

  • Installed AV equipment in studio spaces will be checked during scheduled maintenance windows. Central Pool classrooms B1, B3, and B13 will be checked each morning.
  • We encourage faculty to send presentations and other projected materials to students before your class to avoid any technical issues.
  • If there are issues connecting your laptop to the projector in a given space, we urge you to use the in-classroom computer instead.
  • There will be troubleshooting guides in Central Pool classrooms and studio spaces to help with common AV issues.
  • Remote support over the phone will be offered if needed.


For more information regarding Weitzman School ITS contact info, policies, etc., please visit our FAQ page here. For detailed information regarding what Weitzman School ITS does and does not support, please visit our Support Guidelines page here.